The Challenge

This project is for a Fortune 500 leader in banking and payment technologies.

Our client is a leader in the Merchant Services (credit card processing) division of the financial industry and needed to overhaul the way they cleaned, managed, and reported on their residual commissions.

In order for them to correctly pay out the sales agents connected to their company they have to ingest data from credit card processing companies, combining that information with payee profiles, and finally calculating the income, fees, and net payout for each merchant and payee in the system.  When the customer first came to us, that process was handled manually in Excel spreadsheets.  But, they knew that process would not scale as the data management process was slow, fragile, and error prone. None of which you want when dealing with paying your sales people.

The Solution

Due to our prior experience building data solutions in the merchant services industry, we were able to jump into the project rapidly, starting with:

By creating the data pipeline we enabled the engineering team to gather clean, correct data, and build tools to automate the residuals calculation process itself. The result is that our client is able to recover dozens of hours a month that had been tied up in manual number crunching and reporting. Now they can rapidly extract credit card data from their processors, transform the data into the format needed for processing, and load that data into their calculator all with dramatically fewer errors and less time than they were previously able to achieve.