The Challenge

Our customer is an industry leader and top-tier provider of rail related services.

They engaged us to help them track the training their 1100+ employees required and completed.

We first had to start with understanding what data our client wanted to track. This project required us to provide a way to gather the right data and to push out notifications about data updates.

Our client's training managers needed to be able to add and group training requirements together to create and monitor qualifications. Those managers would also need to be able to monitor expiration dates for both requirements and qualifications so employees and their site managers are notified when an employee needs to renew portions of their training.

Due to the large number of employees, worksites, and departments in the company, automation and other labor saving features were important to the success of the project.

Finally, our customer needed to funnel this data into their business intelligence solution so they could analyze the data for compliance and trends across their 1100+ employees.


We rapidly took their messy data and reporting needs and quickly started building them a solution for the collection of their data points. In a matter of weeks we had the initial data collection program in place and were able to give them the ability to analyze their training data. From there we continued to refine and expand data management system.

For reporting and business intelligence we built:

As a result they are able to: