Rapid Research Update #2


Data Intelligence for Operations


Have you ever heard the phrase, what gets measured gets done? The notion is transparent enough, if you want something to be accomplished you have to not only plan for success, but also visualize progress towards your goals.

Data Project Benefit Calculator


This tool will help you understand the true costs of your processes and accurately evaluate your needs and ROI for your data projects.

Data Intelligence for Financial Departments


Data Intelligence for Marketing


Marketing is a great place to find deep BI insights. With so much of the marketing landscape being digital and traceable the question is not “do I have the data,” but “what are the best questions to ask of the data?”

Data Intelligence for Sales


As Gordon Gekko said in *Wall Street*, “the most valuable commodity I know of is information.”

Rapid Research Update #1


Business leaders are giving their feedback on the hurdles in data analytics and business intelligence. This is the first batch of results.

The Mistake You are Making with Your Data Team


One of the biggest mistakes that people are making with their data team is a conceptual issue: expecting the right thing from the wrong people.

Data: the Probiotic for your Gut Instinct


A good data strategy doesn’t eliminate your gut instinct, it enhances it.

What is Business Intelligence: Driving with Data


BI is a technology driven process for analyzing data and generating actionable insights for business leaders.