We help you pool your data from application databases, spreadsheets, analytics applications, and industry specific software into a central Business Intelligence and visualization tool.

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RapidBI Enables You to Build Powerful Reports That

  • Help drive key business decisions.
  • Gain deep insights into your users and your business.
  • View your data in ways that were previously impossible

Expert Analysis and Perfectly-Tailored Software So You Can Focus on Moving Forward

RapidBI is Your Consulting Partner for Data Services.

  • Business Discovery Call

    Collaborate with our Director of Business Development to evaluate whether RapidBI is a good fit for for your business.

  • Reporting Discovery Call

    Your data partner will review your business needs and the current state of your reporting to gain insight into what you are trying to accomplish with the available data.

  • BI Establishment

    We setup your BI visualization and reporting environment, and connect your initial data sources.

  • Visualization Build Out

    We work with you and with the needs defined in Formulation to build out data visualizations, reports and alerts. We will also conduct any training for you and your team to use the tools required.

  • Initial Data Evaluation

    Dive into your available datasets to understand what is available and what it will take to pool data into the BI visualization tool.

  • Data Model Formulation

    Using information gained in previous steps, we will propose a Data Modeling Plan to you. This will shape the work required to establish your BI reporting, including whether any intermediate steps (such as ETL or data warehousing) are required.

  • Data Review

    Working with you, we check the veracity of the data and determine the level of testing and cleanup that may be required to be confident in the reports you will be seeing.

You provide the data and analyze the results, we take care of everything in between.

Diagram of RapidBI services: Apps, CRM, ERP, Cloud are all parts of the data step which flows into your databases. The RapidBI Process then transforms your data as required by your data needs. This includes extracting (data lake), transforming (data warehouse), and loading (data cubes). This is all part of the BI toolkit that then creates your reports, dashboards, and analysis.

Some of Our Favorite Tools We Work With

Power BI logo Metabase logo Pentaho logo AWS QuickSight logo Tableau logo

  • Diellen Timberlake
    "My company has worked with Level 12 to develop multiple proprietary Business Intelligence tools. My experience with Level 12 has been excellent, they are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They respond to all questions very promptly and let you know exactly what to expect."
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    4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 44 reviews
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  • Troy Compton
    "The team at Level 12 is both professional and talented. We have had the pleasure of working with this group for several years and have absolute confidence in them. They are not just a software development vendor for us, but are our partners in critical aspects of our business."
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    4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 44 reviews
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Would You Benefit from Having an Expert Perspective on Your Data and Software Challenges?

RapidBI Leverages Invested Partnerships, Proven Processes and Honest Communication to Craft Lasting Solutions for Your BI Challenges.

RapidBI is designed primarily for small to medium sized business who have existing data available to them that they want to review and analyze, but lack the internal resources or knowledge to collect, aggregate and summarize the data themselves. If you have a data analysis, CFO, CIO or CMO who know what data they need to find but struggle with how to actually pull that data or build a report on it, then we’re the Spook to your Kirk. Or maybe we’re Scotty.

You will get the most value out of RapidBI if you...

  • Need a quicker, more up-to-date way to monitor KPIs.
  • Are frequently, manually entering information into Excel spreadsheets which are emailed back and forth between stakeholders.
  • Need to join data from multiple sources in order to combine and compare information.
  • Have a database backed software application, but no way to pull the data out for analysis.
  • Have a CRM full of sales data, but its reporting capabilities are insufficient for your needs.
  • Struggle to collect and accurately report on financial data.
  • Have access to logistics information, but inadequate tools for analyzing it to make decisions.

We Are Human. Guaranteed.

RapidBI: Leadership Team

We Offer Simple Packages for Data Management, Visualization, and Reporting

Unleash the Power of Data in Your Business

  • Tiny Data
  • $900 Upfront fee w/ optional consulting retainer
  • 1 data source
  • Setup BI visualization tool
  • Define core data model
  • 1 reporting dashboard
  • Core Data
  • $2,500 Upfront fee w/ optional consulting retainer
  • 3 data sources
  • Setup BI visualization tool
  • Define core data model
  • 2 reporting dashboards
  • Essential Data
  • $7,500 Upfront fee w/ optional consulting retainer
  • 7 data sources
  • Setup BI visualization tool
  • Define core data model
  • 5 reporting dashboards

We offer a monthly retainer with each package. This enables us to continue to invest in understanding your business data, answer questions that may come up, connect new data sources and build new reports.

These plans include a basic BI visualization tool setup. We'll host Metabase for you for a small monthly fee (included in the retainer if you continue working with us). We expect you to bring your own subscription to Power BI, Amazon QuickSight, or Tableau.

Each dashboard typically contains between 5 and 12 metrics - anything more than that and we find it becomes overwhelming, less helpful, and less likely to be reviewed regularly.

If your needs are more complex, or you require more data sources or dashboards, we have flexibility for larger plans.

  • Custom Data
  • Contact Us
  • Data Warehousing
  • Custom ETL processes
  • Automated Data Cleaning
  • API Integrations

Are You Ready for RapidBI to Help You Rise Above Your Business and Data Challenges?

Amp Up Your Data and Reporting

You can email us at rapidbi [at] level12.io, or you can jump to scheduling a call with our Director of Business Development, Royce Hall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What BI and visualization tools do you work with?

We like to say the answer is "any". We are data experts first, and we are really good at helping you better understand your business data. Tools are just a means to that end and not the most important piece. That said, if you currently use or want to use a tool that we don't have experience, we can invest the time into learning it because it lets us add one more tool to our proverbial tool belt. We have worked with or can work with Power BI, Pentaho, SalesForce, and Metabase and more.

What BI tools do you recommend?

Our preferred workflow for most small to medium businesses is to simply toss Metabase on top of your existing databases. This solves the problem for 90% of businesses without investing in expensive ETL setups, data warehousing, and complex infrastructure. If you grow to the point where you need assistance with those, we have that experience too.

What does "Powered By Level 12" mean?

RapidBI is a service offered through a company called Level 12. When you go through the process of signing up for RapidBI you will be working with the Level 12 team. We can’t wait to meet you!

Do you really get asked these questions frequently?

Great question! Maybe we should have named this section, "Answers We Think Might Be Valuable For You to Know."